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Welcome to JPB Photography.



Thank you for visiting my site. As you navigate around, I can only hope that you enjoy my photographs as much as I do.


If my images make you smile or bring back a happy memory, then I have achieved my goal.


Click on any of the categories under JPB Photos to view them. To enlarge, click on any photo.


Wishing you all much Health & Happiness,


        Jean-Pierre Boustany

I believe that the soothing experience of enjoying photography is enhanced with music. Please Click on any of the buttons below to listen to my daughter Alex.

                 1) Come Away-Norah Jones

                 2) Hallelelujah-Leonard Cohen

                 3) Somebody to Love-Queen

                 4) Blackbird-Paul McCartney

                 5) Sugar-Stanley Turrentine

                 6) Make You Feel My Love-Adele  

7) Pumped up Kicks-Foster The People                                                 

8) You've got a Friend in Me-Randy Newman Dedicated to Kyler Leyne Reddick - He Loved Toy Story. 6-17-11/11-21-14 Pediatric Cancer      

If you are interested in purchasing a print of my photography, please visit my online store or send me an email

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